I don’t know about you but I think that Emily Henderson’s designs are near perfection. They are cozy and classy and stylish and full of personality. They look amazing but also make you want to come in and relax. There are so many different elements and textures that the room remains interesting but not too busy. I love how she so effortlessly mixes different styles.

As I was planning renovation at my room I noticed that one of my inspiration photos was from a room designed by Emily Henderson and that another one was a style very similar to hers. And that’s when I realized I must have a design crush. So I did what any normal person would do and went to her blog, Emily Henderson and then proceeded to read nearly everything on there for the next few hours (this is normal right??!!).

I found so much I loved it that I started a Pinterest board and pinned all my favorite Emily Henderson images to it. As I pinned more and more images, I started to think, it would be a fun post to break down her style and share my favorite elements of her designs. So I picked a few of my favorite images to share and break down with you. Why do you care, you ask? Maybe you like her designs too (you should!!!) or maybe you just like looking at pretty pictures. Or maybe you want to know what elements help to make a room feel “complete”. Emily is a pro at that so breaking down her designs will help give you a game plan for planning your next room.

Here Are 3 Of My Favorite Emily Henderson Designs

  1. I love this room (obviously!)! But really, this room is so comfortable and bright and happy! I feel like I could walk in and instantly feel at home. If this were my house, I would always feel so happy walking into this room. What elements in this room make it so awesome? Well, let’s break it down.
  • A white background or canvas, whatever you want to call it. Not every room has to be white but there is something so amazing about a white room with lots of pops of color. This room has that and the white canvas is the perfect backdrop to all the color and texture. The white paint and white curtains and white rug look amazing. There are even a few pieces of white furniture.
  • The natural wood elements in the floor and furniture.
  • The plants. I love plants. They are good for the air. They add a cool pop of color and a fun texture. It is definitely, a must-have element in a room.
  • The gold/brass elements. The stool/small table, the side table, and the trim on the coffee table. Again, great color and metallic add a great texture.
  • Lots and lots of texture. The velvet sofa, the shag rug, the metallic table, the plants, the wood floors and furniture, the fur pillow, the canvas/cotton pillow, the leather chair, and the stone-looking planters.
  • Fun accessories and furniture. By far my favorite is the face planter.
  • Pops of color. The sofa, the plants, the throw pillows, the lamps.
  • Patterns.

This is such a fun room because it looks so put together yet also looks livable and almost like it just came to be. Like it grew together as someone lived there if that makes sense.

  1. Isn’t this room so bright and pretty? Even though this is a nursery, I think it could also work like a grown-up room minus a few baby elements. So what makes this a great room (besides everything!!!)?
  • The wallpaper. It is so pretty! And not at all juvenile. I am not sure if the wallpaper was her inspiration piece or not but it seems like the room was kind of designed around it. Either way, it seems like they pulled a lot of colors from the wallpaper and used them throughout the room.
  • White. This time not as the canvas but as the neutral pieces in the room. The wallpaper and drapes are pops of color so everything else had to be a little less bold or else it would just look crazy. Emily Henderson is a master at balancing everything.
  • Pop of color.
  • Texture. The leather pouf, the rug, the wood floor, the velvet drapes, the canvas/cotton chair, the metal basket, the throw on the back of the chair, the curtain tiebacks, and the stuffed animals. It is everywhere and it makes the room so interesting and cozy.
  • Plants.
  • Pattern. The wallpaper, the throw pillow.
  • Fun and appropriate accessories.
  • Pops of gold/brass in the curtain rod.
  1. This has got to be one of my all-time favorites and was one of the main inspiration photos for me. This room is so cozy and pretty.
  • This room has a white background. The perfect canvas for all the delicious pops of color. The wall color and the side table.
  • Pop of color. All over! The couch and chairs, the rug, the pillows, the artwork.
  • Wood on the coffee table.
  • Amazing texture. The table, the velvet couch, and chairs, the floor, the rug, the artwork, the pillows.
  • Subtle pops of gold/brass in the lamp.
  • Plants on the coffee table.
  • The pattern in the throw pillow and artwork and rug.
  • Fun accessories and artwork.

I bet you saw the same thing I did as I started breaking down these rooms. The elements that stuck out to me and that Emily Henderson uses in her designs are pretty consistent. Yet none of her rooms look alike. They have her style but they are all different and fun. What are these elements? Well, I counted 8.

8 Design Elements Used By Emily Henderson

  • White
  • Pops of color.
  • Texture
  • Wood/natural elements.
  • Plants
  • Patterns
  • Pops of brass/gold.
  • Fun accessories and artwork.

So will you incorporate these design elements into your rooms now?? 🙂

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