About Charlotte Musha

Hello! My name is Charlotte Musha and I am a writer. I’m able to write different styles of writing including article marketing, web content, blog posts, short e-books, press releases, honest book and product reviews, reports, ghostwriting, ghost blogging, SEO content, how-to instructional content, and more. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services/Management.

The time came to make a serious change into ultimately a successful career that I would be able to do easily from the comfort of my own home, anywhere, and anyplace I desired. I learned that I still had a love of writing for both fiction and nonfiction writing. I’m ecstatic I took the jump on it as a new career. I’m able to use everything I’ve learned from my college education. I have been writing professionally for over three years and learned I have the ability to write about any subject.

For fun I enjoy traveling, lifelong learning, spending time with my family and friends.

Thank you,

Charlotte Musha