I don’t know about you but I think that Emily Henderson’s designs are near perfection. They are cozy and classy and stylish and full of personality. They look amazing but also make you want to come in and relax. There are so many different elements and textures that the room remains interesting but not too… Continue reading Untitled

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I Had a Successful VBA2C

Once a Cesarean, Always a Cesarean isn’t the case anymore. I just had a successful vaginal birth after a cesarean or a VBAC. I have had two c-sections so it was a VBA2C. For those interested or thinking of one yourself, this is my story… With my first child, I had to have an emergency… Continue reading I Had a Successful VBA2C

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How to Lose a Guy in Nine Ways(Ideas you just might want to pass on to your daughters!)

The other day, I had a chance to catch up with an old friend. Somehow we got on the subject of the jobs we had while in high school. He talked about how he had worked at a catfish restaurant (Oh, the humanity!!) and we laughed about the fact that I worked for a couple… Continue reading How to Lose a Guy in Nine Ways(Ideas you just might want to pass on to your daughters!)

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Got Guests? Helpful Tips

What’s that old saying about houseguests being like fish…both start to stink after a few days? If you need some help handling houseguests this holiday season, there are some great tips currently upon. Check them out below, and be sure to check out the site for all sorts of other fantastic holiday survival advice. Guest… Continue reading Got Guests? Helpful Tips

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Tokyo, Japan

It all started almost a year ago. I was in the process of planning our ‘spring trip’ and searching for great airfares. All of a sudden, I see a $775 round trip non stop to Japan. I instantly contacted hubby and he was game. It was going to be my first trip to Asia and… Continue reading Tokyo, Japan

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7 Simple Ways to Save $ on Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s already started…the flood of emails from every retailer in America! Even my cellphone company has inundated my inbox with “the perfect gift” for my Valentine. Funny, I am pretty certain the perfect gift for my valentine, can’t be bought. This all goes back to the society of consumerism we live in. Hell, I can’t… Continue reading 7 Simple Ways to Save $ on Valentine’s Day Gifts