Beef Stroganoff Extra Easy


2 tbsp. olive oil
1medium clove garlic
Handful of mushrooms
1 small red onion
Leftover steak or fresh steak
Worcestershire sauce – opt.
1 pkg. of Knorr Pasta Sides Stroganoff


Prepare Knorr Pasta Side according to directions.
While cooking cut up onion and mushrooms into bite-sized pieces.
Mince the garlic.
Saute’ the onions and mushrooms with the garlic until done to your liking.
Stir in some Worcestershire sauce if desired.
When the pasta is done, add in the meat mixture and stir until warmed up totally and sauce is thickened.
Serve with a vegetable.

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By Charlotte M

Being able to laugh at the end of an “unsuccessful’” day and being okay with not managing to “do it all”. It rocks!

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