Broccoli and Chicken Mix Up Extra Easy


Knorr Alfredo Broccoli Pasta Sides or flavor of your choice – Parmesan is good with this
Leftover chicken breast (or any parts of chicken) for 2 people, great for leftover roasted chicken from the grocery store!
Broccoli – enough for 2 people


Prepare Knorr Pasta Side according to directions.
While cooking cut up leftover chicken breast into bite-sized pieces.
Cut up broccoli into bite-size pieces and cook to your liking.
We like it crisply cooked, and found it works well in the microwave if wanted only crisp-cooked.
When the pasta is done, mix in the broccoli and chicken, stir until warmed up and the sauce is thickened.
Serves about 2 people.
Great with applesauce.

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By Charlotte M

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