Stump stools around your fire pit

We’ve been through two sets of stump stools since my husband and I built our fire pit. The first set became firewood and we simply replaced them with an oak set after straight-line winds felled a tree down the street.

If you live in an old wooded neighborhood as I do, all you have to do is follow the sound of chainsaws after a storm to find all of the firewood and seating you’ll ever need for your fire pit. Stylish, all-natural, and sustainable (if you use only what falls and never cut down a tree just for this purpose), stump stools last a surprisingly long time without treatment, and when they rot or fall apart, they can become firewood. Just cut the stumps to a comfy seating height and level the tops and bottoms the best you can. Of course, you can treat them with a sealant to slow down deterioration if you want to (and if you are not as lazy as I am). Waterproofing would make them last longer, but if you seal them, I would not recommend throwing them in the fire at the end of their usefulness.

Cushions I made for my wrought iron chairs fit the stump stools as well. The fire pit stools become extra seating for backyard picnics during the summer.

Stump stools are easy to arrange around a fire pit or a chiminea and may be used for extra seating round outdoor dining tables and in outdoor rooms. When you need them for a different location in your yard, simply turn them over, roll them where you want them to go, and turn them right back up again. You can also turn a stump into a table by attaching a simple wood top.

By Charlotte M

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